[Mixtape096] Pink

Cover Art: Terence Swafford
(Cover Art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Panda Riot – Song: in the forest (some kind of night fills your head)
Show: 12/20/2012 Schubas
Show: http://www.pandariot.com

Band: The Father Costume – Song: Repeating Arms
Show: 12/14/2012 The Burlington Bar
Site: http://thefathercostume.bandcamp.com/

Band: To Destroy a City – Song: Philosophy Of A Knife
Show: 12/29/2012 Lincoln Hall
Show: http://todestroyacity.com/

Band: Rock Falls – Song: lonely moon
Show: 12/18/2012 Township & 12/27/2012 Burlington
Show: http://cardboardsangria.com/blog/?page_id=71

Band: Rocketboat – Song: Rocketboat
Show: 12/17/2012 The Abbey Pub
Show: http://www.rocketboat.com

Band: Simeon Peebler – Song: All It Takes
Show: 12/14/2012 Curtiss Hall, Fine Arts Building S. Michigan Ave.
Site: http://www.simeonpeebler.com

Band: Cool Devices – Song: i am a sound
Show: 12/14/2012 Township
Show: http://powerrecordings.com/id4.html

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