[Mixtape102] Knock Out

(Cover Art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Eight Bit Tiger – Song: Shake Your Azz!!
Show: 1/24/2013 Schubas
Site: Facebook

Band: The Bears of Blue River – Song: Flamingo
Show: 1/28/2013 Empty Bottle
Site: Facebook

Band: The New Diet – Song: See Millions, Saw Few
Show: 1/25/2013 Metro
Site: http://thenewdiet.bandcamp.com/

Band: Archie Powell & The Exports – Song: Erik Elects To Veto
Show: 1/25/2013 Goose Island Wrigleyville
Site: http://www.archiepowellandtheexports.com/

Band: The Hood Internet feat. Class Actress – Song: Critical Captions (Only Children Remix)
Show: 1/25/2013 Smart Bar
Site: https://soundcloud.com/onlychildren/

Band: Soft Speaker – Song: Little Boysenberry Boy Sings “Bring Me Gilded Prostitutes”
Show: 1/24/2013 Hideout
Site: Facebook

Band: Circuit des Yeux – Song: Lithonia
Show: 1/25/2013 Burlington
Site: http://circuitdesyeux.bandcamp.com

Band: Bully In The Hallway – Song: Golden Bones
Show: 1/24/2013 Subterranean
Site: http://www.bullyinthehallway.com/

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