[Mixtape104] What’s up?

(Cover Art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Warm Ones – Song: Some People Work Better Alone
Show: 2/7/2013 The Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.warmones.com

Band: Jeremy David Miller – Song: I Don’t Blame You
Show: 2/9/2013 Schubas
Site: http://jeremydavidmiller.bandcamp.com

Band: I Ching Quartet – Song: The Alchemist
Show: 2/7/2013 Cafe Mustache
Site: http://ichingquartet.bandcamp.com

Band: Moss Garvey – Song: Maile
Show: 2/10/2013 The Whistler
Site: http://www.mossgarvey.com

Band: The Film Society – Song: Shoot To Kill Arrow
Show: 2/12/2013 Uncommon Ground on Clark
Site: http://thefilmsocietymusic.com/

Band: Panoramic & True – Song: Gunslinger
Show: 2/9/2013 DEFIBRILLATOR gallery
Site: http://www.panoramictrue.com/

Band: Pisces At The Animal Fair – Song: Bollywood Heroin Overdrive
Show: 2/13/2013 Schubas
Site: http://pataf.bandcamp.com

Band: Chicago Q Ensemble – Song: New Job Serving Fried Pies
Show: 2/13/2013 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.chicagoQensemble.com
Composed By Kyle Vegter (kylevegter.net)

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