[Mixtape113] Happy Day

(Cover Art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Architecture – Song: Diamond Mind
Show: 4/17/2013 Burlington **Notes and Bolts Anniversary Party**
Site: http://www.architectureband.com

Band: The Bribes – Song: 3.4.5.
Show: 4/11/2013 Beat Kitchen (Record Release!!)
Site: http://www.thebribes.com

Band: Impulsive Hearts – Song: Please Take Everything
Show: 4/11/2013 Hideout
Site: Soundcloud

Band: Kangaroo – Song: Let Me Be
Show: 4/12/2013 MultiKulti / Distractions Distortions Fest!
Site: Facebook

Band: Passerines – Song: Purple
Show: 4/13/2013 Uncommon Ground
Site: http://passerineschicago.com

Band: StarTropics – Song: Wildfire
Show: 4/14/2013 The Whistler
Site: http://www.star-tropics.com

Band: Chandeliers – Song: Lemur
Show: 4/17/2013 Burlington **Notes and Bolts Anniversary Party**
Site: http://www.thechandeliers.com

Band: The Forty Whacks – Song: Get Your Hands Off My Girl
Show: 4/13/2013 The Alley
Site: http://www.moriartyrecords.com/artist.html

Band: Maren Celest – Song: Beloved
Show: 4/14/2013 Township
Site: Bandcamp

Band: TAL – Song: Found
Show: 4/11/2013 Hideout
Site: http://talsounds.com/

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