[Mixtape133] Hurry Up With The Croissants

Cover Art: JWFrederick
(Cover Art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Pet Lions – Song: Fifteen
Show: 8/31/2013 Schubas
Site: http://petlions.com

Band: Cougar Island – Song: Let’s Go To Church
Show: 8/29/2013 Burlington
Site: https://www.facebook.com/TheCougarIsland/

Band: Slow Chapel – Song: She’s Not Home
Show: 8/29/2013 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://slow-chapel.tumblr.com/

Band: fAbrics – Song: Floating Down A Constant Stream
Show: 8/29/2013 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://fabrics.bandcamp.com/

Band: Planetsexploder – Song: Bangers and Thrash
Show: 9/1/2013 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Planetsexploder/141432685927094

Band: The Columbines – Song: Drag Me Home
Show: 8/30/2013 Livewire Lounge
Site: http://www.thecolumbines.com

Band: Names Divine – Song: Travel the Road
Show: 8/29/2013 Empty Bottle
Site: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Names-Divine/163102117060916

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