[Mixtape150] Less a Mood So Much As A Day Dream

Cover Art: JW Frederick

Band: Fall Classic – Song: Bones & Blood
Show: 12/26/2013 Empty Bottle
Site: https://www.facebook.com/fallclassic

Band: Sons of the West – Song: I Won’t Lie
Show: 12/31/2013 Burlington
Site: https://www.facebook.com/SonsoftheWest

Band: Mucca Pazza – Song: Subtle Frenzy (Live)
Show: 12/31/2013 Double Door
Site: http://www.mucca-pazza.org/

Band: The Kuhls – Song: Leavin’ The Prairie
Show: 12/31/2013 Burlington
Site: http://thekuhls.bandcamp.com/

Band: Donnie Biggins – Song: No Cop Will Ever Know The Truth
Show: 12/28/2013 The Hideout
Site: http://www.facebook.com/harmonicadunn

Band: Grandkids – Song: Powder Blues
Show: 12/31/2013 Burlington
Site: https://www.facebook.com/grandkidsmusic

Band: Chandeliers – Song: Its Own Small Breathing
Show: 12/31/2013 Double Door
Site: https://www.facebook.com/Chandeliers

Band: Phantom Works – Song: Pathetic Apathetic
Show: 12/29/2013 Burlington
Site: http://phantomworks.bandcamp.com

Band: Collages – Song: Personal Aquarium
Show: 12/27/2013 Hideout
Site: http://collages.bandcamp.com/

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