[Mixtape169] Scene on the Street

Cover Art: JW Frederick

Band: Animal City – Song: Microwave Check – Suspacho
Show: 5/11/2014 Whistler
Site: http://www.sophomoreloungerecords.com

Band: Magicks – Song: Solstice
Show: 5/12/2014 Empty Bottle
Site: https://www.facebook.com/magicks

Band: Chasing Dinosaurs – Song: One MIllion Lumens
Show: 5/17/2014 Quencher’s Saloon
Site: http://chasingdinosaurs.bandcamp.com/

Band: Zookeeper – Song: Frosted Glass
Show: 5/8/2014 Township
Site: https://www.facebook.com/zkprband

Band: Umbra & the Volcan Siege – Song: Stick It
Show: 5/8/2014 Reggie’s Rock Club
Site: http://www.umbraandthevolcansiege.com/

Band: Sharpless – Song: Gemini
Show: 5/11/2014 Township
Site: music.sharplessmusic.com

Band: Videotape – Song: Black Phone
Show: 5/9/2014 Hideout
Site: http://videotapenoise.net

Band: Vamos – Song: Jaded ’86
Show: 5/13/2014 Burlington
Site: http://www.thisisvamos.com

Band: Miss Remember – Song: Fire Contest
Show: 5/11/2014 Whistler (5/15/2014 Jerry’s Sandwiches)
Site: http://missremember.com/

Band: Crown Larks – Song: Malone’s Lullaby, Pt. 2
Show: 5/9/2014 Burlington
Site: http://www.crownlarks.com/

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