Unsprung [Mixtape222]

Cover Art: https://www.chromeexperiments.com/experiment/chakra

Band: Thomas Comerford – Song: Target
Show: 5/20/2015 Hideout
Site: http://thomascomerford.net/

Band: The Right Now – Song: Tell Everyone The Truth
Show: 5/20/2015 1st Ward Chop Shop
Site: http://www.therightnow.com

Band: Gross Pointe – Song: Bad Seed
Show: 5/16/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://grosspointe.bandcamp.com/

Band: Wally Dogger – Song: Can’t Take It Slow
Show: 5/15/2015 Martyrs’
Site: http://www.wallydogger.com/

Band: Bleach Party – Song: Bad Seeds
Show: 5/14/2015 Schubas
Site: http://letshaveableachparty.bandcamp.com

Band: Rock Falls – Song: Volcano
Show: 5/20/2015 Hideout
Site: https://rockfalls.bandcamp.com/

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