Mixtape Pride [Mixtape229]

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Artist: Cameron McGill – Song: Good Love
Show: 7/7/2015 Schubas
Site: http://cameronmcgill.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Lamp – Song: Poison
Show: 7/2/2015 Hideout
Site: http://lampbandcamp.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Hums + Haws – Song: One Truth
Show: 7/6/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: https://humsandhaws.bandcamp.com

Artist: The Way Down Wanderers – Song: No Braking Now
Show: 7/3/2015 Congress Hotel
Site: http://thewaydownwanderers.com/

Artist: Palmer Squares – Song: Knock ‘Em Down (Prod. By Fresh Kils)
Show: 7/2/2015 Abbey Pub
Site: https://thepalmersquares.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Sun Speak – Song: Thomas in the Whale
Show: 7/5/2015 Whistler
Site: http://sunspeak.bandcamp.com/

Artist: The Dirty Dirty Dollars – Song: My Lady’s Got A Toolbox
Show: 7/2/2015 The Burlington
Site: http://dirtydirtydollars.com/

Artist: Armitage – Song: Nightlife
Show: 7/6/2015 Schubas
Site: https://armitagetunes.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Impulsive Hearts – Song: I Wanna Be Gone
Show: 7/3/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.facebook.com/impulsivehearts

Artist: Jodee Lewis – Song: From A Bottle
Show: 7/5/2015 The Hideout
Site: http://www.jodeelewis.com/

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