Upton Barn [Mixtape230]

Cover Art: Casey Meehan

Band: Outer Minds – Song: those machines
Show: 7/10/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://outerminds.bandcamp.com/

Band: Lala Lala – Song: Fuck With Your Friends
Show: 7/15/2015 Emporium
Site: https://lalabandlala.bandcamp.com/

Band: Jollys – Song: I Neeeed
Show: 7/15/2015 Empty Bottle
Site: http://jollysmusic.bandcamp.com/

Band: Mekons – Song: Geeshie
Show: 7/11 & 7/15 Hideout
Site: https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/artist/mekons

Band: Oscillator Bug – Song: Shore You Down
Show: 7/13/2015 Thalia Hall
Site: http://oscillator-bug.bandcamp.com/

Band: The Bama Lamas – Song: Tell Ya Once
Show: 7/12/2015 Double Door
Site: http://thebamalamas.bandcamp.com/

Band: The Gold Web – Song: Drones
Show: 7/10/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: http://thegoldweb.bandcamp.com/

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