Eddie Joel [Mixtape235]

Cover Art: Eddie Seslowsky

Artist: Netherfriends – Song: I Need A Ladyfriend
Show: 8/13/2015 Whistler
Site: http://www.netherfriends.us/

Artist: Bad Bad Meow – Song: Freak Flag
Show: 8/13/2015 The Hideout
Site: https://badbadmeow.bandcamp.com

Artist: The Aunteaks – Song: Drop me Down
Show: 8/13/2015 Schubas
Site: https://theaunteaks.bandcamp.com

Artist: Crosstown – Song: Young Thing
Show: 8/18/2015 Schubas
Site: https://crosstown.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Petty Crimes – Song: Bad Luck
Show: 8/14/2015 Lincoln Hall
Site: https://pettycrimes.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Joe Bordenaro – Song: I Don’t Know
Show: 8/14/2015 Lincoln Hall (Empty Bottle Aug 25)
Site: https://joebordenaro.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Donkey Hotel – Song: Fool
Show: 8/13/2015 Hideout
Site: http://donkeyhotel.bandcamp.com/

Artist: Shah Jahan – Song: Sunset Moon
Show: 8/14/2015 Hideout
Site: http://www.shahjahanmusic.com/

Artist: Mystery Crash – Song: Waterlogged
Show: 8/19/2015 Schubas
Site: http://mysterycrash.bandcamp.com/

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