[Mixtape083] 3-Dreams

(Cover Art powered by Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: The Buddies – Song: A Lifetime at Best
Show: 9/16/2012 Guinness Oyster Fest
Site: http://candyappleandthebuddies.bandcamp.com/

Band: Heavy Times – Song: Future City
Show: 9/18/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: Facebook

Band: Brother George – Song: Nothing
Show: 9/19/2012 Burlington
Site: http://brother-george.com

Band: Labors – Song: Annie
Show: 9/13/2012 The Comfort Station
Site: http://labors.bandcamp.com

Band: John Bellows – Song: Clementine
Show: 9/16/2012 Burlington
Site: Facebook

Band: durmiendo – Song: No Stone
Show: 9/18/2012 The Burlington
Site: http://durmiendo.bandcamp.com
** Album Release Show **

Band: Furious Frank – Song: Whiskey Row
Show: 9/14/2012 Half Paddy Festival
Site: http://www.furiousfrank.net
!! Check Out Their New Animated Video “Lament” !!

Band: Alma Negra – Song: Noose
Show: 9/12/2012 Cobra Lounge
Site: Facebook

Band: Shuteye – Song: Hearts and Stones
Show: 9/16/2012 Bottom Lounge
Site: http://www.shuteyemusic.com

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