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Founding Members Wall

Here are all the original founding members of the Chicago Mixtape’s KOKO Club…

Rick Moore, Timmy Caldwell, Lawrence Peters, David, Mike Chuck, Jake C, Jesse Johnson, Paul Grachan, Molehill, Brad Richards, Alexander Konetzki, Vourteque, Ashley Farrand, Dan Klute, Stephen Shirk, Stephanie, Narciso Lobo, Mike Borchardt, Barmey Ung, daniel/le mixed up, Patti, Model N, Dan Malone, Bill Kenefick, David Klotz, Chris Bell, Matt Tanaka, Dave Staples, Mike Maimone, Steven Anderson, Scott Schaafsma, Sarah Scott, Yoo Soo Kim, Tom Osran, Mark Nass, Danny Cohen, David Wilcox, Shelley Miller, Todd Kessler, Dustin Byington, Betsy Thompson, Jackson Keating, Tim Loeffler, Susan Niedzielski, Molly Meehan, Brendan Meehan, Craig Blakeman, Emmi Chen, Scott Boswell, Christy Coulter, Jim Thaxton, The Shams Band, Charles Lee, Stephanie Edwards, Chris Darby, and K Hop…

Thanks a ton to all these folks as well as the handful of others who wish to remain anonymous.

If you think your name should be up here, make sure to Contact Us.

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KOKO Club Member Spotlight

My name is Mike Chuck and I'm an active supporter of the Chicago Mixtape.
Check out my favorite non-profit: Chicago Loot Drop
Find about becoming an active supporter of the mixtape and see your project here!

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