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House Of Blues Chicago

The House of Blues Chicago is a 1,300 person capacity, four story music venue located just north of the Loop.

Originally the House of Blues Chicago was dedicated to promoting and preserving Southern Culture and African-American music. The venue is part of the historic Marina City complex, nestled against the iconic spiral towers designed by Bertrand Goldberg and constructed in 1964. In what was once a movie theatre and television studio, the saddle-shaped House of Blues opened its Chicago location in 1996 and began it’s long standing series of great Chicago shows then. The interior renovation was modeled on the Estavovski Opera House in Prague. The original House of Blues was opened in Cambridge Massachusetts in 1992 by founders Isaac Tigrett and Dan Aykroyd. The history of this building is paralleled in many ways by the Congress Theatre Chicago.

House Of Blues Chicago

The House of Blues Chicago has hosted international superstars like Al Green, Jay-Z, Aretha Franklin, the Who, and Guns ‘n’ Roses. In keeping with the chain’s mission, the House of Blues Chicago keeps a metal box full of mud from the Mississippi River delta housed beneath its stage. It features a wide variety of Chicago activities. On Sundays it hosts a Gospel Brunch, delighting audiences with great gospel performances and a brunch buffet inspired by southern cuisine. Crossroads, the restaurant attached to the venue also serves a lunch and dinner menu inspired by southern homestyle cooking.

The International House of Blues Foundation is also renown for its philanthropic efforts. This non-profit branch of the House of Blues is tasked with teaching American culture and history through blues music, blues-inspired music and folk art, highlighting African American cultural contributions and exploring the traditions of diverse cultures. The foundation supports music and arts educational and instructional programs, transforms the House of Blues Chicago into a multimedia classroom to teach students about history and culture through live music and visual arts, and provides resources and professional development for teachers.

The House of Blues has twelve branches located in major cities throughout the United States. It has even opened recording studios in Nashville, Memphis and Encino, CA. The brand was acquired by LiveNation in 2006 and through its expansion, the House of Blues Chicago has remained its flagship location. The official House of Blues Chicago website is here:

For show listings and details check out our Chicago Events Calendar.

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