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Oh My God Interview

Keyboardist, ig (AKA Johnny Iguana) and the band Oh My God were some of the very first supporters of the Chicago Mixtape. They donated 2 unreleased studio tracks to help with our launch. This was critical to getting the Chicago Mixtape on the map and for that I am greatly indebted. I’ve been looking forward to the chance to interview them for a long time.

They first appeared on my radar in 2003 when I caught their unparalleled live show at the Metro. I still have flashbulb memories of frontman, Billy O’Neil, getting a bottle broken over his head, jumping from speaker to speaker and putting on an incredibly chaotic show. Apparently he has been know to host actual, real boxing matches with folks during their sets. You’ve gotta see this to believe it.

Oh My God is playing Green Music Fest Sunday June 24th. It is the quintessential trio of Billy, ig and Bish that hasn’t been together in 7 years.

Listen To The Extended Interview:

>>Right Click To Download The Interview<<

Listen To The Song “When You Can You Usually Do”:

>>Right Click To Download The Song<<

Listen To The Song “Say Goodbye”:

>>Right Click To Download The Song<<

Watch Em Box!!!:

Bottle Breaks On Billy’s Head:

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