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Chicago Mixtape Archive

Here's a list of all the mixtapes we have ever released. Each entry includes links to the websites of every band we have featured. Remember, you still need to be an active subscriber to get the mixtape each week if you haven't already... Sign Up Now!
[Mixtape187] Prey Or Predator
[Mixtape186] Alaska
[Mixtape185] Dismissed Early On
[Mixtape184] Galaganooza Nights
[Mixtape 183] In Living Skullor
[Mixtape182] Baby Bee N Mommy
[Mixtape181] Made A Sun Daddy
[Mixtape180] Dunno Who'll Dig It
[Mixtape179] Fixin Can Be Fun
[Mixtape178] So So Hungry
[Mixtape177] Radio Activities
[Mixtape176] On MARS
[Mixtape175] Critics Critique
[Mixtape174] Meal of the Day
[Mixtape173] Kitten Kat
[Mixtape172] Burger Ball
[Mixtape171] Blonde Nightmare
[Mixtape170] Party Fest
[Mixtape169] Scene on the Street
[Mixtape168] CIMMfest 2014!
[Mixtape167] Fruits
[Mixtape166] Mostly Emotion
[Mixtape165] Lookin At You
[Mixtape164] Homebody
[Mixtape163] Chit Chatty
[Mixtape162] TusSoni2
[Mixtape161] Shadow Devil
[Mixtape160] The Hideout's SXSW Send Off Party
[Mixtape159] Alien Lurker
[Mixtape158] Our Third Birthday!
[Mixtape 157] Captain Fluffy
[Mixtape156] Count Down to 3
[Mixtape155] Epitonic Deep Freeze Festival
[Mixtape154] All for One
[Mixtape153] Kitten Cuddlin
[Mixtape152] Cutie Creepin'
[Mixtape151] RockProper
[Mixtape150] Less a Mood So Much As A Day Dream
[Mixtape149] Lust and Hunger
[Mixtape148] Many Moods Combined
[Mixtape147] Trash Talkin'
[Mixtape146] 2nd Annual Live Thanksgiving Mixtape
[Mixtape145] Mermaid Hunter
[Mixtape144] Electric Bull
[Mixtape143] Don't Get Dizzy
[Mixtape142] Folding Up the Bull
[Mixtape 141] Autumn Whorl
[Mixtape140] Spirit of the Swamp
[Mixtape139] Snakes on a Tape
[Mixtape138] I Am Pumped
[Mixtape137] Evil Orange
[Mixtape136] Hallway of Mirrors
[Mixtape135] Steve Walters Ladies and Gentlemen
[Mixtape134] Feeeed Meee
[Mixtape132] Captain Feel Good
[Mixtape131] More Birds
[Mixtape130] Lady In Red
[Mixtape129] Summer Breakup
[Mixtape128] All The Power & None Of The Money
[Mixtape127] Baby, I Made You
[Mixtape126] Long Weekend
[Mixtape125] Oh The Places You'll Go
[Mixtape124] Jay Bennett's My Hero
[Mixtape123] Connie Has Left The Building
[Mixtape122] the Minimal Beat
[Mixtape121] Nobody Perfect
[Mixtape120] Thought Bubbles
[Mixtape119] Make No Mistake
[Mixtape118] The Banality of Evil
[Mixtape117] Party All The Time
[Mixtape116] Judge and Jury of Sound and Fury
[Mixtape115] Banannawitz
[Mixtape114] Dementoid
[Mixtape113] Happy Day
[Mixtape112] Life's More Fun With A Ray Gun
[Mixtape111] For Mike
[Mixtape110] Triplets
[Mixtape109] Mighty Deadly
[Mixtape108] Joining Metal
[Mixtape107] Controlled By Remote
[Mixtape106] 2 Years!
[Mixtape105] Wheel Inside The Wheel
[Mixtape104] What's up?
[Mixtape103] All the Stars Align
[Mixtape102] Knock Out
[Mixtape101] Lifer
[Mixtape100] 100 Weeks Of Sonic Bliss
[Mixtape099] Dabda
[Mixtape098] Goodbye 2012
[Mixtape097] Unibear
[Mixtape096] Pink
[Mixtape095] Sympathy Bolts
Ancient Aliens [Mixtape094]
[Mixtape093] Thanksgiving "Live Mixtape"
[Mixtape092] Mighty Blue
[Mixtape091] Snap Your Little Fingers
[Mixtape090] FREAK OUT
Twin Gauge [Mixtape089]
[Mixtape088] Pull On A Hootie
[Mixtape087] Sienna Peaches
[Mixtape086] Holy Cow
[Mixtape085] Good Ol' Days
[Mixtape084] Drone Of Leaves
[Mixtape083] 3-Dreams
[Mixtape082] Flip Phones
[Mixtape081] Hello Dino
[Mixtape080] Super Collider Scope
[Mixtape079] Under Sea Age
[Mixtape078] Musical Zoo
[Mixtape077] Unusual Ceremonies
[Mixtape076] Vision Revision
[Mixtape075] Lazy Days
[Mixtape074] The Sun Is Staring At Me
[The Shams Band Mixtape]
[Mixtape073] Dreamy Feelings
[Mixtape072] Any Way The Wind Blows
[Mixtape071] Truth Be Told
[Mixtape070] Melty Feelings
[Mixtape069] Let's All Go
Do Division Mixtape
[Mixtape 068] The Comedy Mixtape
[Mixtape067] Taming The Dragon
[Mixtape066] Transforming The Unknown
[Mixtape065] This Much
[Mixtape064] Birds of a Feather
[Mixtape063] Out Of Socket
[Mixtape062] Mammoth
[Mixtape061] Early Bird
[Mixtape060] The Mysterious Production of Springtime
[Mixtape059] Happy Home
[Mixtape058] Roll The Windows Down
[Mixtape057] JWF Etc
[Mixtape056] Luna Sea Motel
[Mixtape055] Me and the wife (go out dancing)
[Mixtape054] Various Windows
[Mixtape053] Love/Hate
[Mixtape052] Uno
[Mixtape051] Nothing But A Good Time
[Mixtape050] Nancy Reagan's War On Fun
[Mixtape049] Shovel Town
[Mixtape048] Lyrics Guy
[Mixtape047] December Rain
[Mixtape046] Resolutions...
[Mixtape045] Santah Cometh
[Mixtape044] By The Fire
[Mixtape043] The Holiday Party
[Mixtape042] For The Love Of Dog!
[Mixtape041] Goblin Turkey
[Mixtape040] Over The Hill
[Mixtape039] Meet Me In Tokyo
[Mixtape038] Take What You Need
[Mixtape037] Everything Will Be Fine
[Mixtape036] Shock and Awe
[Mixtape035] In A Volcano
[Mixtape034] Need You Around
[Mixtape033] Legends
[Mixtape032] Andrew Bird
[Mixtape031] Go Bears!
[Mixtape030] Back In Business
[Mixtape029] Count Down
[Mixtape028] Unemployed Arch-Nemesis
[Mixtape026] Rollercoaster
[Mixtape025] Kool-Aid
[Mixtape024] New Box Fan, Old Boxspring
[Mixtape023] Sizzler
[Mixtape022] Vegas Moon
[Mixtape021] Let's Go To The Zoo!
[Mixtape020] Unlock the Vault
[Mixtape019] Sunrise in the Darkland
[Mixtape018] The Handshake
[Mixtape017] Mia Cat
[Mixtape016] 5000 Hipsters
[BonusMix002] Ornery
[Mixtape015] The Bomb
[Mixtape014] Vagabonding
[Mixtape013] Lucky
[Mixtape012] Sonic Journey
[Mixtape011] Alien Garages
[Mixtape010] Rowboat Thief
[Mixtape009] Immortal Kamikaze
[Mixtape008] Super Untitled
[Mixtape007] Hummer
[Mixtape006] Mad as a March Hare
[Mixtape005] Cowboys and Space Invaders
[Mixtape004] Thanks Chicago
[Mixtape003] Hot Cha!
[Mixtape002] Fall to Pieces
[Mixtape001] It's On

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