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[Mixtape138] I Am Pumped

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Cover Art: JW Frederick
(cover art picker = Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: The Funs – Song: Drag
Show: 10/7/2013 Empty Bottle

Band: Razorhouse – Song: Dedicated Love
Show: 10/6/2013 Schubas

Band: Pamphleteers – Song: Ghost That Follows
Show: 10/3/2013 Hideout

Band: Magas – Song: Countess (From the unreleased EP, ‘Music Is Easy’)
Show: 10/5/2013 Empty Bottle

Band: Blane Fonda – Song: Sin City
Show: 10/5/2013 Schubas

Band: Lasers and Fast and S**t – Song: Romb Tomb
Show: 10/8/2013 Empty Bottle‎/

Band: The Paver – Song: Memory
10/5/2013 Subterranean (RECORD RELEASE W Wrekmeister Harmonies)

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