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[Mixtape005] Cowboys and Space Invaders

Band: JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound (Wilco cover) – Song: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
Show: Double Door, 3/18/2011 – Site:

Band: Algernon – Song: Broken Lady
Show: Empty Bottle, 3/18/2011 – Site:

Band: Cloudbirds – Song: Murky
Show: The Burlington, 3/17/2011 – Site:

Band: Detholz! – Song: Lost Weekend
Show: Hideout 3/19/2011 – Site:

Band: Rachel Ries – Song: Learning Too Slow
Show: Hideout 3/19/2011, Site:

Band: Lawrence Peters Outfit Trio – Song: Outbreak Of Heartache
Show: Hideout, 3/22/2011 – Site:

Band: Bat Masterson – Song: Five Foot Two
Show: Empty Bottle, 3/19/2011 – Site:

Band: Coins – Song: One Of Them Fools
Show: Whistler, 3/17/2011 – Site:

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