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[Mixtape 068] The Comedy Mixtape

Listen To Mixtape068 Now:


Intro & MC – Dan Barbossa

Sean Flannery
His “Never Been to Paris” is every Thursday at The Comedy Bar downtown.

Candy Lawrence
Her Qwierdo show on May 31st at 10p.m. at IO!

Clark Jones
Check his Website to keep up to speed. Follow Clark Jones on twitter! @theeclarkjones

Kenny DeForest
His show at The Laugh Factory (Broadway and Belmont) called “The Wind Up” is every Thursday at 9:30. It’s a high-octane rock show of comedy with variety acts as well. Tickets at

Matty Ryan
Twitter / Website
Matty’s at The Laugh Factory this Thursday (5/31), 9:30pm.

Megan Gailey
Every Saturday at 8pm she hosts Your Funniest Friends @ The Joynt, Chicago 8 pm.

Mike Lebovitz
Mike will be performing the TBS Just for Laughs in June ( and performs every Wednesday for Comedians You Should Know (

Thanks to Josh Huber – Chicago Centric Comedy
Mega thanks to Josh Huber for putting this together!! Josh is launching a a great new project called Chicago Centric Comedy ( Check it out!

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