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[MixtapeTales004] Voice Of Addiction – Dallas COPS

Band: Voice Of Addiction
Story: Dallas COPS

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I am basing this story solely on what I was told. The place was Dallas Texas. We were about a quarter into our U.S. tour for our 4th album “Reduce Reuse Resist.” And were crashing with a local named Marco. We went back after the show to his place and jammed out on his instruments for a while. I ended up having a terrible hiccup episode and finally passed out around 3:30am, I awoke around 5am to learn the following.. Marco offered to buy burgers so Andy and him left for BK. At a stop light he motioned to a girl as soon as she got in the car sirens were behind them. They had no shirts, no shoes, the driver no license a warrant and priors. After 25 minutes they not only let them drive away but gave them their hooker back. They proceeded to Burger king, meanwhile Jeff had been looking for cigarettes and while talking on the phone and got lost. He could not remember the address and both our phones were dead. The same cops pull up to him asking if he wants to get shot. After he explains he is lost and from Chicago they describe our drummer to him. They knew exactly where to take them. Lesson learned? There is a reason most episodes of COPS takes place in Dallas.

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