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[MixtapeTales008] R. Mutt – Mike Watt Duchamp

Band: R. Mutt
Story: Mike Watt Duchamp

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We get asked all the time about where the name came from and it was actually a source of much unrest within the band for some time. The name comes from a pseudonym Marcel Duchamp signed a sculpture with prior to entering it into a 1917 art expo. The piece he entered was just a urinal signed R. Mutt. The thing we liked was the concept of found art or taking something that exists in one form and presenting it in a different one.

For years within the band we joked about it being one of the worst names ever, then we were at a Firehose show and after sound check Mike Watt comes up to (one of us wearing an R. Mutt shirt) and asked, “Why the shirt?” “It’s our band name.” To which he says, “That’s cool. That is really cool. You guys better be good.” Since then, it is tough to argue with a Mike Watt-approved name.

Years later we got this picture from Mike:

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