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[MixtapeTales011] Quickies (part 2)

Band: Truman & his Trophy
Story: Take Five

>>Visit Truman & his Trophy’s Site<<
One time on the way to a gig at U of I, our drummer Ryan was passed out the entire car ride. Not a peep from him. Then, a few miles outside of Champaign, the band stopped at a gas station. Ryan was still asleep, and the other guys went in. Chris, our singer, received a text while in the store. It was from Ryan. All it said was, “Take Five candy bar.”
** Upcoming Show: Fireside Bowl 05/08/2012 **

Band: John Fitz
Story: Back By Midnight

>>Visit John Fitz’s Site<<
One night after a show, a women asked me to sign her breasts with a marker. While doing so, the marker ran out of ink, so I asked if I could take them with and sign them later. She said, “sure, but have them back by midnight, they’re not paid off yet.”
** Upcoming Show: The Bar 10 Doors 04/14/2012 **

Band: Love and Radiation
Story: Remember Festivus?

>>Visit Love and Radiation’s Site<<
Adele and Lakshmi met in college at a Festivus party.

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