Here’s a list of all the mixtapes we have ever released. Each entry includes links to the websites of every band we have featured.

[Mixtape045] Santah Cometh

Featuring Santah, The Canoes, Dozens, Canadian Pavers, Gold Motel, The Buddies

[Mixtape044] By The Fire

Featuring Freddie T and the People, Village, Woodrow Hart, Juniper Mays, The Desarios, General Election Engines

[Mixtape043] The Holiday Party

Featuring Love of Everything, Miracle Condition, Save the Clocktower, Moritat, Shelly Miller, Rego, Lasers and Fast and Shit

[Mixtape042] For The Love Of Dog!

Featuring The Mediocre Fight, Mutts, Eleventh Dream Day, Mannequin Men, Jon Drake and the Shakes, Poi Dog Pondering, Lakesigns

[Mixtape041] Goblin Turkey

Featuring A Lull, Scattered Trees, Garret Santora, Henhouse Prowlers, Royal Pines, The Cut-Outs, The Lawless Brothers

[Mixtape040] Over The Hill

Featuring Ami Saraiya, Paul Cary, Cameron McGill & What Army, Collages, Summer Girlfriends, Detholz!

[Mixtape039] Meet Me In Tokyo

Featuring Tyler Jon Tyler, I Lost Control, California Wives, Will Phalen, Blasted Diplomats, Brice Woodall, yourfeetstoobig

[Mixtape038] Take What You Need

Featuring Velvetron, Loyal Divide, Michael Lux & the Bad Sons, Julie Meckler, Roommate, JET W. LEE, Musikanto

[Mixtape037] Everything Will Be Fine

Featuring JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound, Sharpless, Swearwords, Sybris, Occidental Brothers Dance Band International, Voice of Addiction

[Mixtape036] Shock and Awe

Featuring BBU, Thin Hymns, Bastardgeist, Jonny Rumble, Andy Wagner, Singleman Affair, Health & Beauty, Empires

[Mixtape035] In A Volcano

Featuring Cross Record, Deadbeat, MH, Black Light Saints, Kaspar Hauser, The Claudettes,

[Mixtape034] Need You Around

Featuring The Smoking Popes, Cousin Dud, Lying Delilah, Eastern Blok, David Daniell/Douglas McCombs

[Mixtape033] Legends

Featuring Mekons, Califone, Darling, Mutts

[Mixtape032] Andrew Bird

Featuring Andrew Bird, Kellen & Me, Warm Ones, The Dig, Chandeliers, To Destroy a City

[Mixtape031] Go Bears!

Featuring Gypsyblood, L’Orchestre Super Vitesse, Tyranny of Dave, Man/Miracle, Red Plastic Buddha

[Mixtape030] Back In Business

Featuring Call Me Lightning, The Damn Choir, Panda Riot, Geronimo!, wes imel

[Mixtape029] Count Down

Featuring Chaperone, Great Society Mind Destroyers, Bob Dey’s Tank Engine Man, Future Rock, The Shams Band

[Mixtape028] Unemployed Arch-Nemesis

Featuring The Saps, Glitter Bones, Yawn, About the Mess, Stephen Paul Smoker


Featuring Psychic Friends, Daniel Knox, Mickey, Wolf In A Spacesuit, Mucca Pazza, Del Rey

[Mixtape026] Rollercoaster

Featuring Bully In The Hallway, Angel Olsen, Absolutely Not, Tig Notaro, Pretty Good Dance Moves, Heart Shaped Hate, Jet W. Lee

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