Here’s a list of all the mixtapes we have ever released. Each entry includes links to the websites of every band we have featured.

[Mixtape025] Kool-Aid

Featuring the Dogs, Tiny Fireflies, Suns, Magical Beautiful, Canasta

[Mixtape024] New Box Fan, Old Boxspring

Featuring Architecture, The Velcro Lewis Group, Tin Tin Can, The Lawrence Peters Outfit, Gun Hat

[Mixtape023] Sizzler

Featuring Elephant Gun, Unicycle Loves You, Akasha, Exit Ghost, Walter and Wendell

[Mixtape022] Vegas Moon

Featuring Ami Saraiya & The Outcome, I Ching Quartet, Cloudbirds, Black Bear Combo, Black Math, Brice Woodall

[Mixtape021] Let’s Go To The Zoo!

Featuring Outer Minds, Lonliest Monk, Andy Wagner, Soil and the Sun, The Rosen Association, Roommate, Michele McGuire

[Mixtape020] Unlock the Vault

Featuring Merlin Wall, the Canoes, Shapers, Zapruder Point, Adam Fitz

[Mixtape019] Sunrise in the Darkland

Featuring Close Hits, BigColour, Bloodiest, Fort Francis, Helicopters, Redgrave

[Mixtape018] The Handshake

Featuring The Kickback, The Laureates, Sleepy Kitty, John Bellows, Flatfoot 56, Brighton MA, Brain Idea, Mutts, Darts & Arrows

[Mixtape017] Mia Cat

Featuring Jonny Rumble, Tiny Magnets, Singing in the Abbey, David Singer & The Sweet Science, Cool Devices, Mar Caribe, The Minneapolis Henrys, Jennifer Hall

[Mixtape016] 5000 Hipsters

Featuring Bailiff, Pet Peeve, Netherfriends, Polymer Slug, Glad Fanny, Las Guitarras De Espana

[BonusMix002] Ornery

Band: Ornery Little Darlings – Song: Prowler Show: 5/27/2011, Empty Bottle – Website: Band: The Juliets – Song: A Perfect Season Show: 5/27/2011, Empty Bottle – Website: Band: The Fatty Acids – Song: Light Polluted Constellations Show: 5/27/2011, Empty Bottle – Website: Band: Continental Breakfast – Song: Maybe Show: 5/27/2011, Empty Bottle […]

[Mixtape015] The Bomb

Featuring FYKMA, the Arrivals, Squat the Condos, the Runnies, Republic of Lights, Nick Miller & The Neighbors, Abyss

[Mixtape014] Vagabonding

Featuring Rambos, Dumpster Babies, Sleep Out, The Sea and Cake, Swim Ignorant Fire, Sad Brad Smith, Rabble Rabble, Quadratic

[Mixtape013] Lucky

Featuring Algebro, Advance Base, The Changes, Jon Drake & The Shakes, Tom Schraider, Lesser Birds of Paradise, Pet Lions, Briar Rabbit

[Mixtape012] Sonic Journey

Featuring Baby Teeth, The Fiery Furnaces, The Father Costume, Musikanto, Paper Thick Walls, David Vandervelde, Disappears, The Eternals, White/Light

[Mixtape011] Alien Garages

Featuring The Part Five, General Election Engines, Mannequin Men, Scattered Trees,Jon Langford and Skull Orchard, The Loneliest Monk, Bastardgeist, Barehand Jugband, A Tundra, This is Cinema

[Mixtape010] Rowboat Thief

Featuring Wally Dogger, The Dirty Pigeons, The Hit Back, AZITA, Gaberdine, Flame Shark, The Andreas Kapsalis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo, Talons’

[Mixtape009] Immortal Kamikaze

Featuring Call Me Lightning, The Goblins, Bobby Conn, The Right Now, Cool Devices, Champions, Village, Milano, Judson Claiborne

[Mixtape008] Super Untitled

Featuring Mike Maimone, The Yolks, blink, Eiffel Tower, Dastardly, Driftless Pony Club, The Hoyle Brothers, Team Band, Baron von Something

[Mixtape007] Hummer

Featuring Record Low, Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts, The Golden Horse Ranch Band, Sybris, California Wives, Bird Ate My Donut, Archie Powell & The Exports, Soft Speaker

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