Here’s a list of all the mixtapes we have ever released. Each entry includes links to the websites of every band we have featured.


Chicago Mixtape #272 features music by Kelly Lee Owens, George Clanton, Negative Gemini, The Dears, Rogue Wave &...


Chicago Mixtape #271 features music by Danny Brown, Vamos, Umbra & The Volcan Siege, Vic Mensa, BULLY, GGOOLLDD ...


Chicago Mixtape #270 features music by Pussy Riot, Sports Boyfriend, Psalm One, Quarter Mile Thunder, RHYE & much...


Chicago Mixtape #269 features music by Ezra Furman, High Up, Lucille Furs, Tune-Yards & much more. Here are 13...


Chicago Mixtape #268 features music by Lucille Furs, Sundown Club, Porches, Polica, Wild Pink, Cafe Racer + much more....


We are getting excited to share the Chicago Mixtape relaunch. This new version of the Chicago Mixtape is officially...

Dunn Dunn Festival

Dunn Dunn Fest 2018 welcomes Toronzo Cannon, Emily Blue, Alanna Royale, Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin Stones, JC...

TNK Festival

Tomorrow Never Knows festival has proven for over a decade that music fans will brave the brutal Chicago cold for a...

Best Songs of 2017

Even though we were not active on this past year it does not mean we did not follow what was...

Cheers! [Mixtape266]

Featuring The Shams Band, Bailiff, The Bribes, Moritat, Impulsive Hearts, Matthew Francis Andersen, Sophagus

1986 [Mixtape265]

Featuring New Canyons, MAKS the fox, Cafe Racer, Jollys, Flatfoot 56, Sylvie Grace

The Flights [Mixtape264]

Featuring Angela James, Stirrup, Shah Jahan, Courtney, Quinn Tsan, Ancient Friends, Animal Holograms

Anchorage Dawn In [Mixtape263]

Featuring Ashtray Boy, Weatherman, The Walters, Campdogzz, Golden Horse Ranch Band, Mutts, Glamour Hotline, Sayers, Hemmingbirds, Carbon Tigers

Outback [Mixtape262]

Featuring Mooner, Martin Van Ruin, Red Francis, VAYA, The Laureates, Devil In A Woodpile, Dirty Dirty Dollars, Simulation

O’Hare InTerminal [Mixtape261]

Featuring The Evening Attraction, Mean Sea Level, Love of Everything, Peasantry, Options, Blind Moon, Courtesy, The Cell Phones

N Broadway [Mixtape260]

Featuring Cooler By the Lake, Yoko & The Oh Nos, Fake Limbs, Roach Beach, Luno, Josefina, Will Mackie-Jenkins, Sunjacket, New Drugs, Young Marshall, Woosung Alice

Trumpa-Lumpa [Mixtape259]

Featuring NE-HI, Absolutely Not, Small Tines, Strawberry Jacuzzi, Rob Jacobs, Minor Characters, Flux Bikes

South From Balmoral [Mixtape258]

Featuring Bunny, Rob Winn, Kerosene Stars, Cardinal Harbor, Baby Magic, Jodee Lewis, Jeremy David Miller, Smoker, Mawrcrest, Arts of Life Band

Restructure [Mixtape257]

Featuring Victor, Baby Money, Clearance, Nice Motor, Toupee, Robbie Skye, Ovef Ow, Walking Bicycles

Some Good Downtempo Songs From Chicago Mixtape 2015 [Mixtape 256]

Featuring Advance Base, Cameron McGill, Strange Faces, The Pear Traps, Ana Munteanu, Cousin Dud, Whitney, Qwazaar & Batsauce, Scout Ripley, Case Collective

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