[Mixtape042] For The Love Of Dog!

Band: The Mediocre Fight – Song: Space Caveman
Show: 12/3/2011 Double Door – Site: http://themediocrefight.com/

Band: Mutts – Song: Blind Truth
Show: 12/1/2011 SubT – Site: http://download.muttsmusic.com/

Band: Eleventh Dream Day – Song: Satellite
Show: 12/3/2011 Empty Bottle – Site: THRILLJOCKEY

Interview with Mannequin Men where we discuss the electrical wizardry of Bill Skibbe
(amongst other things)…

Band: Mannequin Men – Song: Cheryl Tiegs
Show: 12/3/2011 Hideout – Site: BAND, ADDENDA ALBUM PAGE,

Band: Jon Drake and the Shakes – Song: Charlie
Show: 12/1/2011 The Burlington – Site: http://jondrakeandtheshakes.com/

Band: Poi Dog Pondering – Song: Super Tarana
Show: 12/3/2011 Metro – Site: http://www.platetectonicmusic.com/

Band: Lakesigns – Song: See You Tonight
Show: 12/2/2011 Honky Tonk BBQ – Site: http://www.lakesignsmusic.com/

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