[Mixtape059] Happy Home

Band: Hood Internet – Song: Father Trout (Shapers remixed)
Show: 3/31/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: http://thehoodinternet.com/

Band: Begin by Gathering Supplies – Song: Actors and Musicians
Show: 4/1/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: http://beginbygatheringsupplies.bandcamp.com/

Band: Andy Wagner – Song: American Dreams
Show: 4/2/2012 Schubas
Site: http://andywagner.net

Band: Del Rey – Song: Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
Show: 3/30/2012 The Burlington
Site: http://www.dlry.net/

Band: Glass Lux – Song: I’m A Machine
Show: 3/29/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: Facebook

Band: Volcano! – Song: PiƱata
Show: 4/1/2012 Whistler
Site: http://volcanoisaband.com/

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