[Mixtape081] Hello Dino

(Cover Art powered by Jason Frederick / Sketchbookcity)

Band: Conductive Alliance – Song: Deep Sea
Show: 8/30/2012 Burlington
Site: Facebook

Band: GO LONG MULE – Song: The Three Wives
Show: 8/31/2012 Metro
Site: http://golongmule.com

Band: Eiren Caffall – Song: Porchside Valentine (demo) Show: 8/31/2012 Hideout
Site: http://www.eirencaffall.com

Band: Jennifer Hall – Song: To Be Close To You
Show: 8/31/2012 Metro
Site: http://www.jenniferhall.com

Band: Grandkids – Song: Gnats
Show: 8/31/2012 Subterranean
Site: http://grandkidsmusic.com

Band: Pink Frost – Song: Where Days Go
Show: 8/31/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: http://thepinkfrost.com

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