[Mixtape069] Let’s All Go

Cover Art: JOE MERIDETH http://joesdrawings.blogspot.com/

Band: Leaf Bird – Song: True Lies
Show: 6/10/2012 Old Town Art Fair
Site: leafb1rd.blogspot.com

Band: Angela James – Song: Fortress
Show: 6/13/2012 Whistler
Site: www.angelajamesmusic.com

Band: When Clouds Attack – Song: The New Young
Show: 6/4/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: whencloudsattack.bandcamp.com

Band: Like Pioneers – Song: Boggs
Show: 6/8/2012 Burlington
Site: www.likepioneers.com

Band: Absolutely Not – Song: Vacation
Show: 6/08/2012 Livewire and 6/12/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: www.facebook.com/AbsolutelyNotMusic/

Band: Band Called Catch – Song: When in Rome
Show: 6/16/2012 METRO
Site: www.BandCalledCatch.com

Band: Young Distractions – Song: Wrecking Ball
Show: 6/9/2012 Subterranean
Site: www.facebook.com/youngdistractions

Band: Moritat – Song: Cats
Show: 6/9/2012 Old Town Art Fair
Site: www.moritatmusic.com

Band: Axis:sovA – Song: (I Feel Like) Laying Low
Show: 6/11/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: lickingriver.wordpress.com

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