[Mixtape048] Lyrics Guy

Band: Animal City – Song: Sunday Stoner
Show: 1/15/2012 Whistler
Site: www.myspace.com/animalcitymusic

Band: Rites – Song: #1 – Pinch
Show: 1/18/2012 Whistler
Site: Facebook

Band: Shiloh – Song: Snakeskins in Back Yards
Show: 1/18/2012 Panchos
Site: Facebook

Band: The Arts of Life Band – Song: Good Morning America
Show: 1/15/2012 Whistler
Site: http://www.artsoflife.org/the-arts-of-life-band/

Band: Nina Ferraro – Song: Same Boy
Show: 1/15/2012 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://www.ninaferraro.com/

Band: Fotosputnik – Song: Turnpike (Death Valley Drive)
Show: 1/18/2012 Double Door
Site: http://www.fotosputnik.com/

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