New Album:
Life Is Cruel, Let’s Be Friends…




After lots of work my new album "Life Is Cruel, Let's Be Friends..." is finally out.

This project began with a conversation I had with David Vandervelde backstage at Lollapalooza. Dave had just finished performing with Father John Misty, it was my birthday and everyone was in a good mood. Dave introduced me to Eli Thomson and a couple of the other FJM bandmates and we slowly began discussing making a record together.

Once we started working it was amazing. The studio (New Monkey), owned by Elliot Smith in his final years, would become a suitable stage for a host of great performers. In addition to Dave and Eli, Kaanan Tupper (from Jeremy Enigk, The Intelligence) and Frank Lenz (Richard Swift, The Weepies, Everest, Pedro The Lion, many more) shared drum duties. Mr. Jimmy (Bobby Bare Jr. + many more) got involved for keys and synth. Maceo Haymes (The O’My’s, Chance the Rapper) and Vivian McConnel (V.V Lightbody, Chance’s Social Experiment, Santah) added vocal harmonies. Justin Amolsch did some amazing horn work. David Frohbieter did the album cover.

The demos were the canvas, everyone painted over them, then I painted over that and then we peeled back a bunch of layers in certain spots and painted a little more. Then, slowly this 3-dimensional thing started to appear, like one of those magic eye posters.

Give it a spin:

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