[Mixtape002] Fall to Pieces

Band: Black Bear Combo – Song: Otrov
Show: Empty Bottle, 2/25/2011 – Site: http://blackbearcombo.com/

Band: Warm Ones – Song: Small Spies
Show: Martyrs, 2/25/2011 – Site: http://www.warmones.com/

Band: Velcro Lewis – Song: Fall To Pieces
Show: Empty Bottle, 2/25/2011 – Site: http://velcrolewisgroup.blogspot.com/

Band: Curtis Evans and Our Friends Electric – Song: Mark of the Beast
Show: Hideout 2/26/2011 – Site: http://www.myspace.com/curtisevans

Band: Chaperone – Song: Thomas!
Show: Schubas, 2/28/2011 – Site: http://www.myspace.com/chaperonemusic

Band: Like Pioneers – Song: Metal Oscar
Show: Schubas 2/27/2011 – Site: http://likepioneers.bandcamp.com/

Band: King Sparrow – Song: Conveyor Belt
Show: Martyrs, 2/25/2011 – Site: http://www.kingsparrow.com/news.html

Band: Soft Speaker – Song: Weathervane
Show: Coles, 2/26/2011 – Site: http://softspeaker.com/

Band: CrossRecord – Song: I know you
Show: Whistler, 2/24/2011 – Site: http://crossrecord.blogspot.com/

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