[Mixtape003] Hot Cha!

Band: Elephant Gun – Song: Wolfeater
Show: Whistler, 2/6/2011 – Site: www.myspace.com/elephantgunchicago

Band: The Kickback – Song: Stings Teaching Years
Show: Empty Bottle, 2/9/2011 – Site: http://www.myspace.com/thekickback

Band: Tyler Jon Tyler – Song: Pleasantries
Show: Hideout, 2/6/2011 – Site: http://tylerjontyler.com

Band: Love Story in Blood Red – Song: Write a Happy Ending
Show: SubT, 2/5/2011 – Site: http://rockproper.com/love-story-in-blood-red/hot-cha.html

Band: Continental Breakfast – Song: We’ve Got It Good
Show: Empty Bottle, 2/4/2011 -Site: http://continentalbreakfastband.com/

Band: Bone & Bell – Song: O’ The Death of the Caspian Sea
Show: Metro, 2/5/2011 – Site: http://www.boneandbell.com/

Band: The Laureates – Song: Get Sensitive
Show: Empty Bottle, 2/9/2011 – Site: http://www.candydinner.com/album/the-laureates-no-kontrol/

Band: Absinthe & The Dirty Floors – Song: Black Ice
Show: Subterranean, 2/3/2011 – Site: http://www.thedirtyfloors.com/

Band: Del Rey – Song: E Pluribus Unicorn
Show: Empty Bottle, 2/5/2011 – Site: http://www.dlry.net/

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