[Mixtape009] Immortal Kamikaze

Band: Call Me Lightning – Song: Called To The Throne
Show: 4/20/2011, Empty Bottle – Website: http://bethelightning.blogspot.com/

Band: The Goblins – Song: Brain Necklace
Show: 4/16/2011, Double Door – Website: http://www.roctober.com/goblins/index.html

Band: Bobby Conn – Song: Baby Man
Show: 4/14/2011, Empty Bottle – Website: http://www.bobbyconn.com/

Band: The Right Now – Song: If I Wanted To
Show: 4/16/2011, Martyrs – Website: http://www.therightnow.com/

Band: Cool Devices – Song: Fatso
Show: 4/18/2011, Empty Bottle – Website: http://rockproper.com/cool-devices/cool-devices.html

Band: Champions – Song: When I Get There
Show: 4/17/2011, Subterranean – Website: http://championsband.com/

Band: Village – Song: Love On A Whim (Live)
Show: 4/14/2011, Schubas – Website: http://villagevillagevillage.bandcamp.com/

Band: Milano – Song: A Day is Gonna Come
Show: 4/19/2011, Double Door – Website: http://hearmilano.com/

Band: Judson Claiborne – Song: Song For Dreaming
Show: 4/14/2011, Lincoln Hall – Website: http://judsonclaiborne.com/

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