[Mixtape013] Lucky

Band: Algebro – Song: Algebro Is King
Show: 5/18/2011 Schubas – Site: http://algebro.bandcamp.com

Band: Advance Base – Song: Whirlaway The Horse
Show: 5/18/2011 Schubas – Site: http://www.cftpa.org/

Band: The Changes – Song: I Can’t Wait
Show: 5/14/2011 Lincoln Hall – Site: http://www.myspace.com/thechanges

Band: Jon Drake & The Shakes – Song: Elizabeth Jonston
Show: 5/13/2011 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://jondrakeandtheshakes.bandcamp.com

Band: Tom Schraider – Song: Needle Will Bite
Show: 5/13/2011 email: 92tales@gmail.com for location details

Band: Lesser Birds of Paradise – Song: Take The Leaves
Show: 5/17/2011 Lincoln Hall – Site: http://www.lesserbirds.com/

Band: Pet Lions – Song: When I Grow Old
Show: 5/14/2011 Lincoln Hall – Site: http://www.petlions.com/

Band: Briar Rabbit – Song: Numbers
Show: 5/12/2011 The Abbey Pub – Site: http://briarrabbit.bandcamp.com/

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