[Mixtape031] Go Bears!

In celebration of the fact that the Bears are undefeated in the regular season, here is an awesome new mixtape!

Band: Gypsyblood – Song: Superstition
Show: 9/16/2011 Hideout – Site: http://gypsyblood.net/

Band: L’Orchestre Super Vitesse – Song: Armee Guineene
Show: 9/16/2011 Reggies – Site: Facebook Page

Band: Tyranny of Dave – Song: Golden Age
Show: 9/21/2011 Uncommon Ground (On Clark) – Site: http://tyrannyofdave.bandcamp.com/

Band: Man/Miracle – Song: Hot Sprawl
Show: 9/16/2011 Hideout – Site: http://mslashm.tumblr.com/

Band: Red Plastic Buddha – Song: Daisy Love
Show: 9/18/2011 Love Shine Festival, Earlville IL – Site: http://redplasticbuddha.bandcamp.com/

ATTN: KOKO Club Members

There are now 8 new podcasts in the members area… This is a sonic tour through our first 6 months…

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