[Mixtape034] Need You Around

Band: The Smoking Popes – Song: Need You Around
Show: 10/8/2011 Double Door (free show) – Site: http://www.smokingpopes.net/

Band: Cousin Dud – Song: Kandy Brown
Show: 10/12/2011 Double Door – Site: http://www.facebook.com/dudlife

Band: Lying Delilah – Song: Return the Love
Show: 10/8/2011 Martyrs – Site: http://www.lyingdelilah.com/

Band: Eastern Blok – Song: Balkan Healer
Show: 10/6/2011 Reggies – Site: http://www.easternblok.net/

Band: David Daniell/Douglas McCombs – Song: F# Song
Show: 10/6/2011 Hideout – Site: http://www.daviddaniell.com/

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