[Mixtape038] Take What You Need

Band: Velvetron – Song: Misty Mountain Hop
Show: 11/4/2011 The Nightingale – Site: http://velvetron.bandcamp.com

Band: Loyal Divide – Song: Death Breath
Show: 11/4/2011 Empty Bottle – Site: http://loyaldividemusic.com/

Band: Michael Lux & the Bad Sons – Song: So Loud
Show: 11/3/2011 Lincoln Hall – Site: http://thebadsons.com/

Band: Julie Meckler – Song: All Your Pretty Things
Show: 11/4/2011 Beat Kitchen – Site: http://juliemeckler.bandcamp.com/

Band: Roommate – Song: My Bad
Show: 11/3/2011 Comfort Station – Site: http://roommate.bandcamp.com/

Band: JET W. LEE – Song: Hard Hats
Show: 11/5/2011 Cole’s Bar – Site: http://www.jetwlee.com/

Band: Musikanto – Song: Take What You Need
Show: 11/5/2011 Lincoln Hall – Site: http://musikantomusic.com/

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