[Mixtape043] The Holiday Party

Band: Love of Everything – Song: Sooner I Wish
Show: 12/10/2011 Panchos – Site: http://www.facebook.com/loveofeverything

Band: Miracle Condition – Song: The Wandering Y
Show: 12/10/2011 Viaduct Theatre – Site: http://www.miraclecondition.com/

Band: Save the Clocktower – Song: The One Thing
Show: 12/8/2011 Empty Bottle – Site: http://clocktowermusic.bandcamp.com

Band: Moritat – Song: Shopping
Show: 12/9/2011 Empty Bottle – Site: http://www.moritatmusic.com/

Band: Shelly Miller – Song: All The Way Down
Show: 12/9/2011 The Store – Site: http://www.shelleymiller.net/

Band: Rego – Song: R.E.M.
Show: 12/9/2011 The Abbey – Site: http://www.regorego.com/

Band: Lasers and Fast and Shit – Song: Digging A Hole
Show: 12/12/2011 Empty Bottle – Site: http://lasersandfastandshit.com/

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