[Mixtape066] Transforming The Unknown

Cover Art: JOSH CROW www.joshcrow.net

Band: Secret Colours – Song: Faust
Show: 5/18/2012 Beat Kitchen
Site: http://www.secretcolours.com/

Band: Apteka – Song: Striking Violet
Show: 5/17/2012 Metro
Site: http://aptekamusic.com/apteka/

Band: Supreme Cuts – Song: Lessons of Darkness (Apology)
Show: 5/18/2012 Schubas
Site: Facebook

Band: Jonny Rumble – Song: Handgun Blues
Show: 5/18/2012 Burlington
Site: http://www.JonnyRumble.com

Band: The Hudson Branch – Song: Periodic Table Of Elegance
Show: 5/21/2012 Double Door
Site: http://www.thehudsonbranch.com

Band: Pillars & Tongues – Song: Oaky (doting, in late summer)
Show: 5/22/2012 Hideout
Site: Facebook

Band: Laughing Eye Weeping Eye – Song: River Of Golden Treasures
Show: 5/21/2012 Empty Bottle
Site: http://rebeccaschoenecker.com/music.html

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